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Desk pad AXOFlex 500

High Quality - PP, ultra-flat and flexible

AXOFlex 500 is a desk pad which is available with full surface printing and is manufactured from a flexible, homogenous PP material which complies with food-grade quality. It has been designed for areas of use involving long-term skin contact. The pads in the AXOFlex range are ideal for advertising. They can be designed and printed to suit individual requirements. Standard thickness is approx. 800µ.

Structured PP, food-grade quality, approx. 800 μ


UV-offset printing
Screen printing


Press stamped



1. PP, food-grade quality

Product Properties:

  • Contains no PVC
  • Suitable for hard continuous use
  • Without additional base
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Comfortable to your hand
  • Surface printed, laminated for protection

Umwelteigenschaften & Zertifikate:

  • EU directive 2005/84/EC (free of phthalate)
  • PAK according to GS.Spezifikation
  • Directive EC No. 1907/2006 (REACH) Registration
  • RoHS-equivalent in compliance with 2002/95/EG
  • more about the certificates

Available Substructures:
X00 Without  base

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