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Mouse pad AXOPhoto 410

Panoramic photos or a photo collage? The choice is yours!

AXOPhoto 410 The possibilities are endless. The insertion pocket which spans the entire width of the pad allows your imagination to run free. Your photos are protected behind the tough, durable and scratch-resistant film. This tough crystal structure film ensures precise movement of the mouse and is printed on the reverse side using the UV-offset process. A selection of motifs is also available.

Crystal structure film 400µ for precise positioning of the mouse. Ideal for the use of optical mice.


UV-offset printing
Digital printing
Screen printing


Press stamped



1. PVC crystal structure film
2. Adhesive bond (partial area)
3. PVC bright film, white 150 µ
4. Adhesive bond (full area)
5. Substructure

Product Properties:

  • Extremely durable
  • Virtually scratch-resistant, non-reflecting surface
  • Reverse printing on back of transp. foil
  • Prepared for the insertion of photographs
  • Inlay size up to 240 x 130 mm

Environmental Properties & Certificates:

  • EU directive 2005/84/EC (free of phthalate)
  • PAK according to GS.Spezifikation
  • Directive EC No. 1907/2006 (REACH) Registration
  • RoHS-equivalent in compliance with 2002/95/EG
  • more about the certificates

Available Substructures:
H02: Approx. 2,0 mm latex-foam, plane
Y01: Approx. 1,0 mm latex-compound, embossed
X05 Approx. 0,5 mm latex-compound, textured

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