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Print data

Information for data preparation

For perfect printing results please use the following checklist to help us compile the printing information we need.

Whether you require company logos, illustrations or photographs – the ­employees working in our modern pre-printing stage ensure you will receive ­brillant print results on all the pads. To enable the process to run smoothly we have produced the checklist below so that the data are prepared in the best possible way.
Just call us if you have any further questions!

File Formats

We will process all the file formats which can be generated with the listed programs as a matter of principle. We prefer the data in PDF/X3 and PDF/X-1a-format. Please do not send any ­Microsoft Word/-Excel/-PowerPoint files


All graphic files must be available in CMYK-mode for exposure. Please note that there may be a change in the colouring of the images when converting from RGB to CMYK. Within the conversion from RGB to CMYK you should use an ICC-Profile to limit the maximum tone value sum to 300% (we recommend ISO Coated v2 300% (ECI).icc, which can be downloaded at www.eci.org). The best possible resolution for grahphics data is 300 dpi when reproducing on a 100% scale.

We recommend the application of the ­following CMYK-data for large black areas in order to obtain a jet black print image: C=60%, M=40%, Y=40%, K=100%


For the correct exposure for your files all fonts must be embedded in the PDF file. If you decide to send us native files all fonts and all linked ­images must be included.
In the interest of legibility, do not use types (above all negative types) in a size ≠smaller than 12 points. Positive types should not be smaller than 7 points.

Layout and pad formats

If you have created your design so that it goes over the edge of the pad, your motive should extend 2 mm beyond the actual pad format  at the points concerned (bleed).

Example 01:
Pad size = 240 x 195 mm
Your file = 244 x 199 mm

Example 02:
Pad size = 230 x 195 mm
Your file = 234 x 199 mm

In contrast, motives smaller than the pad or ­borders should be 5 mm away from the edge of the pad.

Please note that there are weld and stamp tolerances of +/ñ 2 mm. We therefore re­commend to create important image elements 5 mm away from the edge.


Data transfer

Adobe Acrobat PDF yes (PDF/X-1a; PDF/X3)*
Adobe PhotoShop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign

*Fonts correctly embedded or converted to paths

Data transfer by Data medium
ZIP (100/250 MB) yes

Data transfer online
E-Mail dtp@imtc.de
ftp-Server www.imtc.de/ftp/
username: transfer