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Special Shapes

Special shapes without surcharge


Due to our large number of available form tools, you have the possibility of implementing pad drafts fast and economically aside the standard shapes. The following overview shows an excerpt of our product range. The prices conform to pad size 240 x 195 mm.

Press stamped special shapes

SQU-200-200-R10-01  SRU-210-210-R105-01  SOV-240-195-DIV-01
SSF-190-187-DIV-01  SSF-194-194-DIV-01  SSF-225-195-DIV-01
SSF-211-199-DIV-01  SSF-207-193-DIV-01

High-frequency welded special shapes

 HQU-200-200-R10-01  HRU-210-210-R105-01   HOV-240-195-DIV-01
HSF-225-195-R00-01  HSF-227-195-DIV-01  HSF-228-210-DIV-01
HSF-199-199-DIV-01  HSF-239-199-DIV-01